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The Seamy Underbelly of Fawcett City

I ran across this the other day while (unsuccessfully) googling around for an obscure early case study on asbestosis. It's a horrible, charming 1954 attempt to encourage smokers not to quit in the face of evidence of ill health effects published by Fawcett Publications, Inc., creators of Captain Marvel.

So, if you are a confirmed smoker, smoke without fear. Smoke like Sir James Barrie, who saw Peter Pan in a maze of smoke rings and captured that elfin spirit, to the eternal delight of English-speaking peoples. Sir James wrote thus of the glorious eruption of Elizabethan life: "I know, I feel, that with the introduction of tobacco England woke from a long sleep. Suddenly a new zest had been given to life. The glory of existence became a thing to speak of. Men who had hitherto concerned themselves with the narrow things of home put a pipe in their mouths and became philosophers. Poets and dramatists smoked until all ignoble ideas were driven from them, and into their place rushed such high thoughts as the world had not known before." Advice to smoke without fear may seem wildly irresponsible at the present time when the country is swept by a wave of hysteria about cigarettes.

Fawcett's Wikipedia article, which I ran across trying to confirm that there weren't two publishing entities of that name, is an interesting read as well.
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